MowTown Extreme

Location Iredell Texas 76649 Contact Us: 254-977-3608



MowTown Extreme

MowTown Extreme is focused on the small rancher/land owner to have a land maintenance solution. Owner John McGinnis provides services from full clearing to driveway services. He can carefully cut around specific targets, leaving key areas and trees that landowners would like to keep just as they were. With a focus on preserving land and even mulching particular areas with his trusty Kubota and blades, John handles both jobs large and small.

His tools include the Stump Bucket, regular bucket, a grapple rake, a hydraulic tree grubber/puller, and pallet forks. His services are $75 per hour within a minimum of four hours if within 25 miles near Iredell, or a minimum of eight hours anywhere else.  He utilizes a Bradco Groundshark tree cutter and mulcher for $100 hour within the same terms.  Services include forestry mulching, brush cutting, land clearing, mesquite grubbing, dirt work, shredding, fence line clearing and demolition.

He can prep sites, perform cleanup, repair tanks on property, repair roads, and remove stumps. House pads, driveways, culvert installation, and even rock removal are possible by calling John at 254-977-3608.