P4 Farm Custom Creations

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   P4 Farm Custom Creations

P4 Custom Creations was created by Cheri Paroulek last year, and beautiful outdoor and home decor hasn’t stopped coming out since.

Valentine’s Decor

Around the House

She’s made custom designs for military families, seasonal holidays, families in need of a reminder of home (Texas), and much more.


Beyond signs, Cheri can custom-make smaller items, like coasters, wine bags, charcuterie boards with beautiful finishes for the next party, and more.

Custom-made Decor

P4 is locally owned and operated by Cheri and the Paroulek family, with each design featuring the personal touch.

Custom Projects Welcome

For more of Cheri’s work, or to get started on making your idea a reality, visit P4 on Facebook or Instagram. You can also call 817-313-9499 to talk your idea for a project.