Shiny Knife Sandwich Shop

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Shiny Knife Sandwich Shop

For custom-catering and gatherings, Shiny Knife Sandwich Shop is deliciousness on the go. Each dish is made with love, a Tex-Mex and Texas touch, and fresh, tasty ingredients.

After making appearances at weddings, Uncle Gus’ Marina and Resort, and other venues around Bosque, Owner Chris Michael is ready to bring more to large gatherings. Rodeo events, concerts, and more are always enhanced by this shop’s presence. Michael worked professionally in the kitchen and in restaurant management before pursuing the dream of his own business.

Michael’s expertise, craft and culinary skills show in each of these dishes, providing a hearty meal with the comfort-food traditions the public loves.

The classic BLT, Buffalo Bacon Fries, Cubano, Brisket Cheesesteak, and the rest of the menu are to dine for, and frequently. For a full menu, click here. Be sure to follow Shiny Knife on Facebook for upcoming events and appearances at events. You’ll be impressed with this top-notch family operation. Even former Dallas Cowboys have sampled the shop’s fare.


Former Dallas Cowboy Tight End Jay Novacek visits with Chris Michael at the Shiny Knife Sandwich Shop.


Shiny Knife Sandwich Shop is a mobile food business focused on bringing you over the top flavors via dishes based on foods that we love to eat. Expect to find offerings based on Tex-Mex, BBQ and other dishes from around the world.